Firty Deet @ Vltavska

With the beautiful burst of Spring weather comes blossoming plum trees, apple, forsythia and chalk.

This is the first big one of 2014, with help from Sophia @ 515cm diameter…  we are exploding!!!

Something about standing nearby, inside, outside and around perfect circles has an amazing effect on people’s energy.

Next time we bring the alphabet letters and trace words all around the perimeter to send out love vibes growing in a vortex.

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first one of 2014

Spring is here or at least it’s visiting from out of town.

this one started off well as a white ring but I later found out, a four-based center does not make for good spirals.

On the way home I came across these purple, yellow and white crocuses blossoming in the grass, wow! I noticed right away that they are like hexagons coming from a triad. I don’t think I want to do any more four-based circles, they seem to fall into their own limits instead of expanding.

One shot with the macro lens setting on my phone is better than the first 9,000 pictures I ever took on film.

Last picture: dried seed pods hanging on an empty tree, the end of winter.

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Jump Lines


ok, this is one local parcoeur spot where young dudes in sweatpants go jumping all over the place, climbing up and down, like skateboarding without the board, you know what it is.

I put some simple circles in lines tracking a path across the blocks.   Jump, jump, hit the spot, like hopscotch.

Some of them I jumped to find the spacing, but some go over big drops and I didn’t jump those.

Kind of hard to see in this light and I wanted to get live video of the guys doing it but, being sunday morning, nobody was there except people who want to be invisible.

Last images — color palette from the flowers.  SPRING!!!!

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under the cherry tree

perfect beautiful lovely weather, flowers blooming everywhere, grass is greening up, and I went for a walk up around the Vltavska metro station.

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Nautilus II

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Nautilus attempt #2.  Kinda psytrance colors, because I’m at the end of a box of chalk and all I have are the little colored nubs.  And lots of brown.

I really like the wild roses and daises I found nearby.

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outside the old slaughterhouse

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The fuuuuuurst hot and sunny weekend of 2012, at Holešovice Market.  I got so sun-cooked doing this that I had to go home, sit in a cool bath and drink water!

But thanks to my assistants Damien and Jake, we drew the biggest chalk circle yet.  62 outer rings fit perfectly with no overlap.  Not a planned number but soon we will get into the harmonic resonance thing.

See in the yellow shirt, lovely long legged Lenka who is one of the chalk people on the circle.  The other one is stevie weenie who was wearing a delightful orange ensemble on the day, crocs and Tshirt by local designers.

I’m kidding.  This is not a fashion blog.


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Creeping Snails

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Here we go, it’s Fibbonacci time.

Nautilus on the way, this is my first attempt at doing one.

Boy do they expand quickly!

You either need super high resolution details at the start, or assistants and HEAPS OF SPACE.

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Damien Mitchell gets the credit for thinking up this one.

(stevie weenie’s birthday.  ingredients: the Polish girls, the drunk Australians, some chalk, a river, funny sloping wall, and wooden letters from the face of an old storefront that we dumpster-dived)

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this was a warmup piece on the way to the Galaktic Hopscotch party.

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PSA: Galaktik Hopscotch

Today we began a new series of pieces called PUBLIC SURFACE ANNOUNCEMENTS.

These are chalk circles with slogans.

Funny thing is, at the beginning I just chose places where I felt I would be undisturbed for an hour or two.

Now it seems that the chalk circles are gravitating towards homeless corners, wasted areas, trashed areas, un-noticed spots, ugly zones, the boring, and the undesirable locations.

Always a good place to insert a positive vortex when possible.

See here.  Look and you will see.

Thanks to the lovely Tamy for her undying devotion to the cause of funk street art.

Oh and thanks to the Italian posse who jumped in for a group photo.  They actually were very careful not to step on the chalk, how cool!

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