Bloomfield Farmer’s Market: solar power sound and a people-circle

I brought my camera with me to setup sound for a ZeroFossil gig at the Bloomfield Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  The first photos show the connections from the sun through solar panels, 12volt battery backup system, power inverter (DC –> AC), then normal mixing board audio stuff.

After the music got going, I saw there was a box of chalk near a picnic table, for children to draw on the pavement.

A-ha!   Steve springs into action.   Made a quick little circle about 2m in diameter.  Not the most precise flower of life I ever did but then again, it was on rough ground with a lot of foot traffic all over the place.  Friendly people.

It always amazes me how people react.  Some people walk right through, stepping on the circle and not paying any attention, as if it wasn’t there.  Other people walk around it carefully.  Other people yell at their kids and get angry saying, “DON’T STEP ON THE DRAWING, WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING, BE CAREFUL!”

The oblivious seem innocent and they do no damage to the drawing.  The ones who yell at their kids end up disturbing me more than the people who walk through and keep going.

Anyway that doesn’t matter.  It was a lot of fun and we got a bunch of people involved tracing bodies.  Ricky the giant started us off, then we drew a few pre-teen girls whose Dads were playing the music for us, and a few little small kids picked colors and lay down to be traced at the end.  Grandmothers love it!

My favorite part is tracing people’s hair.  It’s hard to draw hair with a big fat chalk so I go way around it and interpret the shape by exaggerating the lines and curves.   When the person gets up and sees what I did they always laugh and say “MY HEAD IS ON FIRE” or something.  Then the next person wants me to draw their hair and make it even more crazy.

Unfortunately it is hard to get good pictures of the colors under direct bright light.  The best time for photographing chalk art is not always the best time for meeting the people.

If these keep getting bigger I’m gonna need a camera-drone to get good overhead shots!

Thanks to everyone who was involved, see you next time.


About steve knots

steve knots is a musician, DJ, producer and teacher of electronic music, specifically BASS MUSIC for global culture.
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