Twin Giants

This one is in the garden at my Mom’s house, we did it just after sunrise in beautiful morning light.

The location is in between a maple tree and an oak tree, both more than 75 years old.  The last photo shows the trunk of the oak tree, it is more than ten feet in circumference.  Basal diameter probably four feet, this tree is gigantic!  I love the little plants living in the root well.

This one started as a small circle which grew larger and over-ran the brick area.  The spot where we ran out of space approximately lined up with the tree trunks, although this was not planned.

Just another cool little alignment.  Also note the circles in the outer ring, these are nice big ones that we made using the lid from a charcoal grill.  Anything round can work!

Flowers are from the other parts of the garden, a few feet away.


About steve knots

steve knots is a musician, DJ, producer and teacher of electronic music, specifically BASS MUSIC for global culture.
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