every hexagon is a cube


inspiration for this one:  On the way home from entering the tunnel portal, I waited at Palmovka for a tram.  I noticed the sidewalk blocks were hexagonal instead of square or rectangular.

Suddenly I stopped waiting and did some art.  Two or three trams went by as I chalked in the hexagonal sidewalk tiles, and to me it felt like only a minute or two had passed.

Time stopped.  An old woman with a cane looked and said one word, “hezký”…  two young women sat on the bench smoking cigarettes and smiled at me when I looked up.

I am telling you, people, we have the ability to change our flow of Time.   You’ve heard the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  That is close to the point but it is not the whole point. Of course you can not change the rotational speed of the planet, but you can very dramatically change your own experience of the speed of time, and that’s what matters.

In the same way that a hexagonal perimeter line can pop into 3D, and assume the form of a cube, TIME can pop out of clock-lines and into a single moment of neverending eternity.

I sincerely hope everyone will join me, the old lady, and the two hot chicks in this perfected moment of the now, because in truth, there is no other moment than Now.

We’re all gonna be here sooner or later.

(Legal Disclaimer: No hexagons were harmed during the making of this art.)


About steve knots

steve knots is a musician, DJ, producer and teacher of electronic music, specifically BASS MUSIC for global culture.
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