at arms’ length

inspiration for this art:  
once again, waiting at a tram stop and I noticed that the bricks under my feet were laid out in fan-shaped curves that intersect and overlap.

Why this pattern?

It comes from the shape of our bodies and our working limits.  Kneel on the ground and try to draw a long straight line — you can’t do it very long without moving your body.  But if you draw a curve, you can cover a lot more space without moving.  The shape of the curve shows the length of your arm.  You can comfortable draw almost 90 degrees of a circle without moving.

For men working all day with heavy street blocks, that is the limit of their working range, and so that dictates the pattern of the sidewalk blocks.  Sometimes you can see this pattern in the street with cobblestones too.

I framed in the sides and outlined a few fan-curves.

At the end, this is funny, some women were waiting for a tram and we had a ridiculous exchange.  I was busy photographing the art when they arrived.  I wanted to bring some people into the picture so asked them, “Can I take a picture of your feet?”

The woman wearing black shoes answered, “Do you have a foot fetish?” HA HA HA HA!

She didn’t realize that it was me who had just drawn the chalk.  So I showed her my chalk and explained what I was doing, and we all laughed, and you can see the rest in the pics.


About steve knots

steve knots is a musician, DJ, producer and teacher of electronic music, specifically BASS MUSIC for global culture.
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