“Where the hell is my leg?” [at CodeMode]

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Tamy and I went for a walk to CodeMode in Karlin Hall after doing Bubbles.

First we came upon a park full of blossoming cherry trees and a farmer’s market.

Then we got dirty and did the wall. There was this big crack which formed like Voltron in tandem with Tamy’s natural disco pose and rocket boots to create an arrow pointing to the CodeMode sign over the entrance, with a few Bubbles leaking out from her fingertip towards the light. Tamy is a raccoon. Together it means “use your eyes and look at CodeMode.” Of course you knew that already.

The dust at the bottom was especially pretty.  Rainbow dust at the feet of an inter-universal rocket powered disco raccoon.  Can I just live in this feeling forever?

No, my son.  Because your digital color editing sucks and you need to learn the ways.

On the way home I found Foamy Norman, this time in distress over the theft of his foamy body.

I hanged him by his head as a warning to all thieves and murderers.  I before E, you dirty little criminal degenerates!

Foamy Norman will rise again.

bum piss factor: Your reach should exceed your grasp but your circles should not exceed the height of your broken-TV-stepladder.  The busted green wine bottle next to the TV made Tamy say, “there’s a boring Saturday night.”


About steve knots

steve knots is a musician, DJ, producer and teacher of electronic music, specifically BASS MUSIC for global culture.
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2 Responses to “Where the hell is my leg?” [at CodeMode]

  1. tamy says:

    i had a super great time!! the raccoon inside of me was all like: “O_O YEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!! CHALKIN CHALKIN!!! AND AAPPLEEE” it was wonderful, and the pics are really cool, i hope people in the code mode enjoyed it as much as we did ^_^ Stevie rocks!

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